What is the Value of Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

I was talking to one of my longest term customers and she was lamenting the fact that the data recovery performance was so poor from a cloud provider that she had signed a contract with before we started offering the service at Deltaware that she was trying to get out of it after having a server out of commission for a couple of days. The thought occurred to me, what good does it do her to backup, if she cant recover? How does she see value for the dollars that she spends on her services, does she value the backup or the recovery more? The overwhelming takeaway for me is that one is pointless without the other. If you cant easily access your data in the cloud, why should it reside there?


Apparently Asigra among other companies agrees. Asigra has just announced that they are going to alter how they are charging their customers to reflect a minimum charge to backup, but a maximum fee to perform data recovery. They lay it out pretty well in this CRN Article, the way that they are structuring it they are going to charge the industry backup/data recovery average of $.66 per GB for the initial back. Then the second month, you would pay $.0167 per GB to backup, but up to $.50 per GB to recover. These prices don’t include service fees, just baseline software costs, but the way this is structured to me is very exciting. The tidbit that I see as relevant is that perhaps the industry is starting to change and truly value the data recovery. The dirty secret of Cloud Backup is that it is pointless without a strong, usable Data Recovery plan!


Part of the value that Deltaware offers our customers is a local backup and data recovery NAS in addition to free tech support in order to make backup and data recovery process as painless as possible. Iaso, another well known backup software offering also has taken steps to address the data recovery issue by utilizing their True Delta Data recovery method. Hopefully the mindset that companies like Asigra and Iaso are promoting are a good sign if things to come, because in my mind a good backup dosent have any value for our customers at all if you cant recover quickly, painlessly, and cost effectively.


Jamie Johnson

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