To Blog or Not to Blog

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To Blog or Not to Blog.


We have been making some adjustments at DWDS. We wanted to find some ways to have more interaction with our customers and end users, so one of the ways we are going to do this is by blogging. This begs the question, why and who cares what you have to say? Fear not, we have extensively researched this and we decided that you, the person reading this cares and we can make important announcements as well as discuss customer stories while sharing our nuggets of wisdom along the way.


This of course, leads to the question, how to start a blog? How do we make it effective and reach people? We were actually stumped by these questions for a little while, but we explored our options and came up with a great solution! We will get outside help, so we turned to this great company called Spokal, here is their website . They help get the blog information out onto most of the social networking sites as well as help with the fundamental question how do you start a blog? I really have nothing but great things to say about this service because I feel that it fills a void that is hard for small businesses to fill. They  have a strong SEO engine to help you with the content construction, and even offer pictures to help bedazzle your blog.


In the interest of making this an open dialogue with the readers, feel free to offer your comments to your DWDS rep. Based on the substance of the comment, your DWDS rep is empowered to explain to you where we will file said comment. Thanks-



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