Software Defined Storage – redefining traditional SAN

Electric Data CenterI have been reading about software defined storage lately.  Software defined storage (SDS) is a confusing term.  What is it?  In its simplest form, It is abstracting the software away from the storage hardware.


Why do this?  it is similar is some aspects to when VMWare abstracted the OS from the Hardware.  Software Defined Storage gives flexibility, speed, easy expandability to the overall storage system.  Key features:  Server Side/Hyper-visor side read/write caching; elimination of LUN mapping; Simple Scale up and Scale out.


Making the storage software separate from the hardware has many traditional SAN vendors chasing to create their own solutions.  If you search SDS, you get a who's who of SAN and Server Venders.  RedHat has an open source storage server, IBM, EMC, VMWare, etc.  There are a few new players Gridstore, Nutanix and SimpliVity.  Each of of these vendor solutions have different pros/cons features and benefits and most importantly cost.


If you are interested in learning more about SDS, contact us at Deltaware, we can help you determine if SDS is an option for you as well as help identify a solution that integrates with your current systems.