Simplivity Best in Show Gold at VMworld 2013

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Last Week Simplivity came through with a big win at VMworld 2013. They took the 1st place gold medal for best in show for storage and backup for virtualized environments.  Way to go, nice win for Simplivity.


At DWDS, we are pleased to announce that we are hosting a Lunch and Learn to find out more about Simplivtity's fantastic solution set that brought home the gold at VMworld . The L and L takes place on Monday September 30th at Kozlak's Royal Oak in Shoreview, MN. The event starts at 11AM, I hope to see you there. To sign up for the event, click here. If you are unfamiliar with Simplivity, or if this is your 1st time hearing about them. They make a remarkable Hyper-converged Compute and Store in a single form factor solution. Check out this article by Forbes on them discussing how they are taking business from EMC. Also, here is an article Simplivty's founder, Doron Kempel and how he tried to kill Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War.  Simplivity has 2 components of their solution that are absolutely unique to them. The first part is their in house manufactured Omnicube Accelerator card. This allows for their de-dupe/compression to take place inline and not tax the processors at all. The second piece of the Simplivity puzzle that is unique ot them is their Federation software that allows for you to keep all of your legacy servers and storage and make them part of your new, intelligent virtual compute and store infrastructure. This allows you to pool your new and existing resources into one intelligent virtual environment.


The Lunch and Learn should be fun and informative, and I hope the feedback I get from you indicates that after you attend. See you there.


Jamie Johnson

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