Silver Peak targets Riverbed Hardware refresh of Steelhead xx20 products

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According to a recent Silver Peak Press Release, Silver Peak is targeting the Steelhead refresh of River Bed products for replacement with its own Virtual Appliances.  This means substantial savings to you the Riverbed customer.


Why continue to purchase hardware and be continually harassed with hardware refresh cycles?


Silver Peak makes a Virtual WAN optimization appliance that will never need to have a hardware upgrade.  It comes fully pre-configured as a virtual system and does not need to have an operating system, or any server maintenance performed against it.  Receive the unique Silver Peak Network optimization capabilities of optimizing all IP applications.


One Example:  Upgrade from Riverbed EX-560 Model L to Silver Peak VX-1000 is an 86% savings



If you have one of the following Virtual environments in your organization you are ready to use a VX virtual appliance.  VMWare vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V XenServer or KVM


To get more information follow the link to the Sliver Peak announcement.



Still have questions, curious how this works?  Contact Us at for more details


Lance Caven

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