Purchase New Hardware and Software that Adheres or Enhances your Disaster Recovery

Purchase new hardware and software that adheres or enhances your Disaster RecoverySolutionahead (DR) process.  Your disaster recovery document states or "should" state that any new hardware, software or process be evaluated for adherence to current DR process and procedure before purchasing it.  Your DR documentation may also state that you need to define a recovery process before implementing any new solutions.


When looking for solutions to your IT or Business processes, there are usually the very inexpensive solutions and then there are all of the other solutions.  I advocate purchasing the solution that best fits your needs and has the lowest overall cost of ownership.


I have helped a number of customers work through this purchasing maze of pricing, features and benefits.  How do you as a customer know that everything will be fine after purchasing a solution?


  • - Define the problem you are trying to solve, look for the core features and benefits.  Also be aware of the other features that you would like to have solved
  • - Have an idea of your budget.  When budgeting for projects beforehand I would always take the highest quote for a product and add 20%.  This allows for some wiggle room after defining the problem in case it is bigger than initially imagined
  • - Get references for products that are interesting to you.  The manufacturer will have these available.  Look for ones in your industry and geographical location if possible.
  • - Take into account the first 3 - 5 years of maintenance
  • - Ask to see if there are any outside costs that haven't been thought of yet


Here are some examples of customers that purchased first and asked questions later:


  • - A customer moved to an inexpensive cloud hosted email system that was not HIPAA compliant, they had to move to a different cloud hosted email to become compliant.
  • - New SAN installation, vendor installed it and everything was running.  The customer needed to make sure they had a DR solution.  The DR solution cost more than the original SAN purchase.
  • - A customer moved their server hosting to a "HIPAA" compliant data center.  When they requested the ability to backup the systems and keep the data for 10 years they found out that this critical requirement was not available.  The vendor kept 14 days of backups, everything outside of that scope was the customers problem.


DeltaWare Data Solutions sells you a complete solution, no hidden cost, no extra cost to match your DR processes.  We are up front with what you need, help you determine the right product and help implement your solution.


Some of our key offerings!

  • - SilverPeak – Wan Optimization-resolve your issues with remote site replication and connectivity using Silver Peak’s award winning virtual or physical appliances.
  • - SimpliVity – Hyper-Converged Virtual Appliance that has backup, replication, DR, and compression built in. We have seen this offer 1000X optimization.
  • - Pernixdata – 80% of all VMware support calls are storage performance related. Don’t let this happen to your environment. Get 20X more IOPS and manage a flash cache and memory optimization layer offering flash cache DR. Take the pressure off of your storage environment and allow Pernix to remove the peaks and valleys of your storage reads/writes.