Overview of VMWorld 2015

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By Jamie Johnson


I got back from VMWorld about 2 weeks ago and wow, was it ever worth the trip! I have to admit that Roger, our Solutions Architect, had to convince me to go at the last minute and I am glad he did. Some of my takeaways are as follows:


  • San Francisco weather is awesome and the walking all the time is magnificent.
  • San Francisco has a homeless problem.
  • People that picket an event like vmworld need to find something more pressing to spend their time on.
  • There was a collective yawn about VMware’s cloud centric announcements.
  • There was a ton of excitement at the solution exchange and the vendors there were absolutely top notch!


Some of the most exciting products are products such as Cloud9. They make an amazing OpenStack as a service offering that is hardened, stable, and easy to use. It also supports everything that OpenStack does, is operable with Docker, and works in conjunction with VMWare and KVM…simply awesome!


Another great product is the SD-WAN product made by Cloudgenix. This revolutionary WAN product allows you to load balance your WAN locations while taking away the need for a local router, firewall, reducing your firewall licensing, and eliminating several ROBO type of appliances, all in one offering. Plus the price point is fantastic.


The last product I will touch on won an award at VMWorld and it is Ruduxio. They make a single block of storage that uses their "secret sauce" internal operating system to have tier-based performance of memory, flash, and spinning disk. It operates without any physical barriers between the tiers within the appliance and no tiers set up for the end user. It is just an intelligent way to handle storage and they eliminate the need for snapshots based on their internal architecture.


So, all in all, I would say that VMWorld is a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and for anyone interested in drinking from a firehose on virtualizing, you have to go!

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