Our favorite Office 365 E3 Features

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We (DeltaWare) have been using Office 365 E3 for about 6 months now and we have been pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use and administer.  I have compiled a list of features that we like the best.



  1. Reduced the amount of servers needed at our location.  We had an onsite Exchange,  Lync, and file server.  By moving to Office 365 freed up the resources three servers, the maintenance associated with them, and the complexity of firewall rules and external IP addresses.  The systems also work easily whether working on-site or remote.
  2. Ease of access from our devices.  We use a mixture of Windows laptops, Windows tablets, Android OS and Apple IOS.  We can get our email and communicate with ease.
  3. Access to Microsoft Office on up five different devices per person.
  4. We are using features that we did not have access to before like SkyDrive Pro (OneDrive), MS SharePoint, OneNote.
  5. Compliance Features - Features span areas of data loss prevention (DLP), eDiscovery, auditing and reporting.  This is key for companies needing to adhere to security rules like HIPAA.
  6. Regular updates - Updates for all of the Office 365 products are done automatically by Microsoft personnel in the background with no downtime.  This insures that we always have the latest spam filters, product updates and security patches.


We at DeltaWare like using Office 365 to simplify our lives, we are sure that you will like it as well!

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