Is Linux in Your Environment Yet?

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Do you have any Linux Servers lurking in your computer room?  I have seen more and more servers running Linux in computer rooms.  Linux is running everything from servers hosting WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop and general low-cost websites.

Linux Penguin


I have decided that I will do a few small short tech blogs on common Linux issues that IT professionals will encounter when tackling Linux for the first time.


If there are any specific areas that you would like me to cover, comment below and I will take a stab at answering them.


I have a few global recommendations for any new Linux installation.


  1. Only install a GUI on any Linux server if you have a real need for it.   (Even Microsoft the king of GUI's allows a server to now be installed with no GUI.)
  2. Install only required programs, nothing extra.  As programs get obsoleted, remove them from the server.  Are games, video editing or mp3 programs needed on the server?
  3. Keep a firewall and antivirus program installed, up to date and active.
  4. Update programs when updates are available.  Most of the time the updates are addressing security issues.
  5. Have an Administrator user on the system that does not have admin, administrator, sa, in the username.
  6. Remove or disable the root user.  Use alternative commands to install software.  Some distributions of Linux do not install or enable root.  Ubuntu is one that doesn't.


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