How to become a Senior Account Executive

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Now that we've met the staff of Deltaware Data Solutions, we want to know how they got to where they are today!

Next is our Senior Account Executive, Craig Scheldroup.  

How did you get into IT?


In 1989 I started working in a warehouse for a computer hardware distributor. My job was to work with vendors on repairs and returns which progressed into the sales side of distribution, including networking.


I was later invited to work for a small company that gave me the opportunity to learn to write store procedures for large reporting which progressed into writing Java and HTML. Since the company was small, I had to learn the desktop and networking aspects of programming to keep my own DevOps environment clean and running. It was relatively easy for me to learn computer networking because I had great mentors and I had the passion and motivation to teach myself.


In addition, I have been in charge of operations for multiple companies which allows me to manage and choose the IT solutions that would be the best fit for the my clients.    

Why do you enjoy working with and selling Enterprise and Cloud Technologies?


When I programmed in the past, I found that I became the noisy neighbor for my fellow employees (little IT lingo there). I realized I liked more flexibility in the solutions available for IT environments. IT is like a very large and complex puzzle, every environment has its own needs and different solutions that fit correctly into their puzzle. I enjoy working for Deltaware Data Solutions because we are always looking for the Best of Breed emerging solutions that allows us to customize our customer’s environments, providing them with superb value and flexibility.


IT solutions change and evolve more and more every day, which is great for me because the daily changes in IT solutions intrigue me and keep me on my toes. For those of you that know me, it is no secret that I like to talk. I truly enjoy working with the customers to give them the best fit so their environments become well-oiled machines with as minimal management as possible. I find it very rewarding to work with customers to solve IT pain points. There is a great feeling inside to know that when all said is done the customer is having a great experience with the solutions I have brought to the table. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and work with people that I truly enjoy and learn a great deal from.    

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?


Be a sponge, not a duck. Don't just sit there and wait for answers to come to you. Connect with people, work alongside them, and listen to people who can mentor you and help you expand your knowledge in this ever changing industry. As Roger said in his recent blog post, try to attend as many events as you can. Buy books, read articles, and take training courses. Interacting with people is key.    

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