How to add a Server to the compatibility list of Internet Explorer 10 or 11

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A funny thing happened a few months ago, I opened up my Internet explorer compatibility list and found that I could only put domains in it and not specific sites like I used to be able to.  This presents a particular problem if there are more than a couple websites hosted at a particular domain. is a perfect example of this issue.  DeltaWare Data Solutions is a Microsoft Partner, to use the partner site properly I had to add in the compatibility list.  Now some of my other sites at do not look/function the same.


For example:  I have one domain, with 3 web servers, Web Server1, Web Server2 and Web Server3.

IE Comptability Setting
IE 10 Compatibility Setting


Web Server1 is an IIS website that supports IE 7 only, it is old and will be replaced when time and budget allow (12 months or so from now)

Web Server2 is running Linux and Apache and supports IE 7, 8 and 9.

Web Server3 is running IIS 8.0 that only supports IE 10 and 11.


The problem comes from the fact that in IE 10 and 11 you specify an entire domain in the compatibility settings.  IE 7 for example it was possible to list out specific servers in the domain that needed compatibility settings.




Compatibility View in IE 10 and IE 11
Compatibility View in IE 10 and IE 11


I can now see either Server1 and Server2 normally or I can see Server3 normally.  I cannot see all three normally.  I think this was/is a design flaw in the current versions of IE, but it exists and hasn't been resolved.


Hos it this issue resolved?  When using Windows Home versions I have not found an easy way to resolve this issue.  There might be a way to hack the registry or use an unsupported group policy editor.  I fix it on home editions by using Google Chrome or Firefox (sorry Microsoft...)  Let me know in comments if anyone has found an officially supported way of fixing this.



If using Windows Pro or higher versions there is a Group policy setting that can be used to fix the issue.IE Policy


First open group policy.  From the Run box (or if you have Windows 8) search for gpedit.msc, then navigate to the following location.  See the picture off to the right if needed.


Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Compatibility View.  Select and open the "Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites" key.

IE Comptability Settingdetail




Click Enabled, then click on the Show button to the right of List of sites.   IE Comptability SettingServerlist





In this list, put in the server names that need compatibility enabled.  In my example I wanted both Web-Server1 and Web-Server2 in that list.


Click OK and Close Group Policy Editor.



Now, verify the removal of the from the IE 10/11 compatibility list.


After this step is performed, Web-Server3 will display properly in native mode.  All three websites now display properly in Internet Explorer.







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