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January 26, 2016 Kristina Sowers No comments exist

The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released its MarketScape Worldwide All-Flash Array Vendor Assessment rating the capabilities and strategies of each all-flash array solution. The better the solution’s future plan aligns with customer’s future needs, the better the strategy rating.

Surprisingly, several popular solutions didn’t even make the chart. Among those solutions that did not meet the AFA criteria was NetApp. Conversely, Solidfire was named a “Major Player” on the IDC’s Assessment.

It should be no surprise that NetApp recently bought out Solidfire for $870 million. This would suggest NetApp is well aware of the shortcomings of its own solutions. Yet NetApp sales reps, favoring their own solutions, won’t sell their customers Solidfire products even though they know them to be better suited for data centers.

Don’t let your data center harbor solutions that their own vendors don’t have confidence in.

Deltaware Data Solutions can help.

We’ll help you explore how Solidfire can protect your data center with the confidence that it will be right for your data center now and in the future. We’ll even bring the local Solidfire team to meet with you so you know exactly who you’re partnering with.  To learn more, visit us on our website at or contact us at

October 30, 2015 Roger Lund No comments exist

Exciting news! We have a even more of a amazing lineup for our ETS that is being hosted by Deltware Data Soluions. I will say that this event has been a huge undertaking for us, and that it will be the first of our Annual events around emerging technology. I ask that you please support the vendors by attending, and showing support for our event.


The event:


At Deltaware Data Solutions, we’re celebrating the new movie with a Star Wars themed Emerging Technology Summit to make sure all of our Jedi’s are ready for upcoming changes in IT. Join us for an educational forum showcasing emerging technologies and meet keynote speakers Stephen Foskett and Greg Schulz! You’ll also hear from three industry experts and visit vendor booths to meet companies with emerging technology one on one. Learn how emerging tech can make your data center environment better, faster, and ready to take on the future of IT. Attendees have a chance to win...


Read the full article here.

September 18, 2015 Jamie No comments exist

By Jamie Johnson


I got back from VMWorld about 2 weeks ago and wow, was it ever worth the trip! I have to admit that Roger, our Solutions Architect, had to convince me to go at the last minute and I am glad he did. Some of my takeaways are as follows:


  • San Francisco weather is awesome and the walking all the time is magnificent.
  • San Francisco has a homeless problem.
  • People that picket an event like vmworld need to find something more pressing to spend their time on.
  • There was a collective yawn about VMware’s cloud centric announcements.
  • There was a ton of excitement at the solution exchange and the vendors there were absolutely top notch!


Some of the most exciting products are products such as Cloud9. They make an amazing OpenStack as a service offering that is hardened, stable, and easy to use. It also supports everything that OpenStack does, is operable with Docker, and works in conjunction with VMWare and KVM…simply awesome!


Another great product is the SD-WAN product made by Cloudgenix. This revolutionary WAN product allows you to load balance your WAN locations while taking away the need for a local router, firewall, reducing your firewall licensing, and eliminating several ROBO type of appliances, all in one offering. Plus the price point is fantastic.


The last product I will touch on won an award at VMWorld and it is Ruduxio. They make a single block of storage that uses their "secret sauce" internal operating system to have tier-based performance of memory, flash, and spinning disk. It operates without any physical barriers between the tiers within the appliance and no tiers set up for the end user. It is just an intelligent way to handle storage and they eliminate the need for snapshots based on their internal architecture.


So, all in all, I would say that VMWorld is a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and for anyone interested in drinking from a firehose on virtualizing, you have to go!

September 4, 2015 Kristina Sowers No comments exist

Now that we've met the staff of Deltaware Data Solutions, we want to know how they got to where they are today!

Next is our Senior Account Executive, Craig Scheldroup.  

How did you get into IT?


In 1989 I started working in a warehouse for a computer hardware distributor. My job was to work with vendors on repairs and returns which progressed into the sales side of distribution, including networking.


I was later invited to work for a small company that gave me the opportunity to learn to write store procedures for large reporting which progressed into writing Java and HTML. Since the company was small, I had to learn the desktop and networking aspects of programming to keep my own DevOps environment clean and running. It was relatively easy for me to learn computer networking because I had great mentors and I had the passion and motivation to teach myself.


In addition, I have been in charge of operations for multiple companies which allows me to manage and choose the IT solutions that would be the best fit for the my clients.    

Why do you enjoy working with and selling Enterprise and Cloud Technologies?


When I programmed in the past, I found that I became the noisy neighbor for my fellow employees (little IT lingo there). I realized I liked more flexibility in the solutions available for IT environments. IT is like a very large and complex puzzle, every environment has its own needs and different solutions that fit correctly into their puzzle. I enjoy working for Deltaware Data Solutions because we are always looking for the Best of Breed emerging solutions that allows us to customize our customer’s environments, providing them with superb value and flexibility.


IT solutions change and evolve more and more every day, which is great for me because the daily changes in IT solutions intrigue me and keep me on my toes. For those of you that know me, it is no secret that I like to talk. I truly enjoy working with the customers to give them the best fit so their environments become well-oiled machines with as minimal management as possible. I find it very rewarding to work with customers to solve IT pain points. There is a great feeling inside to know that when all said is done the customer is having a great experience with the solutions I have brought to the table. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and work with people that I truly enjoy and learn a great deal from.    

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?


Be a sponge, not a duck. Don't just sit there and wait for answers to come to you. Connect with people, work alongside them, and listen to people who can mentor you and help you expand your knowledge in this ever changing industry. As Roger said in his recent blog post, try to attend as many events as you can. Buy books, read articles, and take training courses. Interacting with people is key.    

Questions for Craig? Leave a comment!

August 14, 2015 Kristina Sowers No comments exist
Solution-Architect Banner

Now that we've met the staff of Deltaware Data Solutions, we want to know how they got to where they are today!

Let's start with our Solutions Architect and VMWare expert, Roger Lund.


How did you get into IT?


It just fit. I started doing work-study in while in college and just loved it. I took six months off, without any computer exposure, and found I missed the work and the tinkering. I found that I love working with computers and therefore I love what I do.



How did you get into working with VMware Storage and Cloud Technologies?


I was fascinated with VMware when I saw the first releases of VMware ESX 1.0 (Elastic Sky X)  and VMware GSX 1.0 (Ground Storm X). I was amazed that software could so completely emulate bios, and that the operating system or systems sitting on it were so oblivious.


I knew then that virtualization was a possible factor in the future of computing, and I have been excited about the future of the virtualization technology space ever since. Storage by Nature was interesting to me. I looked at it as a challenge to tackle. Storage networking and backup technologies were later focuses as they were needed to build an infrastructure to run VMware or other clouds on.


It’s the experience of building the solution that is so exiting and develops your skill set. This is why I am so passionate about virtualization and cloud technology and love to talk about it. You will likely see me talking about every aspect of virtualization and emerging technology!


Right, back on track.


As soon as I had the chance, I co-founded a local Computer group based on general IT ( The group held quarterly meetings discussing all matters of IT. I wanted others to have the opportunity to network and to learn about technology. As soon as my knowledge about VMware grew (and the industry adoption grew), I found myself talking more and more about virtualization.


I was offered the chance to co-lead a VMware VMUG in Minneapolis MN and soon after, started one in St. Cloud MN. It was during this period that I was selected as a VMware vExpert.


For me it has been a fantastic opportunity to both increase my knowledge and to share my experiences.


This is also what lead up to my latest journey in the industry; becoming a partner. It was a validation for me to show that all the knowledge and experience I had gathered over the years was applicable to others..



What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?


Read Blogs!


Build a home Lab, install the products, and setup the software. Then start blogging about your experience.


Use twitter and reach out to those using VMware and start using VMware yourself.


Attend VMware User Groups or VMUG's. These are meetings for VMware users to see technology and talk to other users about technology.


Try to attend as many events as you can. The interaction with other users is key.


Buy books and training courses. These can be paramount in your path.


Questions for Roger? Leave a comment!