Cost of Data Loss

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Symantec just released their cost of data loss study for 2012 in March. I found it interesting that every year, the amount dollar amount grows since they started doing the annual study 8 years ago. The figures are kind of astonishing. The average cost of a data breach is 7.2 million, or an average of $214 per compromised record. The 2 questions that come to mind with the high cost of data loss is how do you stop it and how do you recover the breached data? Regarding prevention, this is layered and pesky. You can sometimes do everything right and still have a breach from what Symantec’s reports finds is the most common source of the breach; and that is a negligent employee. Check out their report here.  


The second question regarding data recovery would be another pesky issue. If you are using robust backup software and you can track the breach date, you can go back to the last known good version of the lost data and restore from there. If you use a service like the Delta Backup and Restore that we offer, then you can get any former version of your data that you like and restore if from there. If you have no backup, you are probably looking for a job.

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